​except for the suggestive aubergine, you can now #emoji on instagram

The app’s new update includes three new filters and emojis in hashtags.

by Felicity Kinsella
29 April 2015, 2:07am

Emojis are kind of our social communication saviours. When you're lost for words an emoji says a thousand of them. Sometimes a scream face expresses your thoughts better than words ever could. Sometimes a moon face is the only way to end a conversation. Sometimes a purple heart is the easiest way to break it to someone that you only love them as a friend… Well now you can discover the vast array of meanings behind each tiny picture as - alongside three subtle new filters - Instagram introduces the #[emoji]! 

"Over the past few years, emoji have become part of a universal visual language," Instagram says on it's blog. "And just as we share photos and videos, we use emoji to communicate emotions and feelings in ways that anyone can understand, regardless of language or background." It comes with one compromise though; the aubergine, which is one of the USA's most used emojis, joins the list (including #nude, #boobs, #sex, #thinspo and #porn) of banned hashtags for fear it might prompt the rise of the frowned upon dick pics…

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