iggy azalea shames media for made up “beef” between her and britney

The pop star calls out misogynist media outlets who pin two women against each other in fabricated feuds so that they can get some hits.

by Felicity Kinsella
03 July 2015, 2:54am

It's not the first time the media has turned a valid opinion into a demeaning catfight between two female artists, but it gets boring when titles continue to make grand sweeping statements based on no more than one less-than-140 character tweet. Yesterday Iggy "hated" Britney because she said this:

And Britney "hated" Iggy because she said this:

According to the Daily Mail and co, Azalea's tweet (written during a Twitter Q+A with fans) meant she had a problem with Spears' lack of effort to promote their single Pretty Girls, and Spears' tweet was a snide comment at Azalea having to cancel her own tour, with the hashtag "YouWantAPieceOfMe" supposedly aimed directly at her.

Never one to keep a low profile, Azalea went on to catch out misogynist media sites on what they continue to do again and again and again, in an eloquently written Twitter exposé that calls out writers turning relationships between intelligent female artists into a teen drama, and women in general into brainless objects of the male gaze. Here are her finest moments:

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