'skin' combines fine metals, a girl and snakes

Jewellery label Underground Sundae show their newest collection in a film by Indoor Fountains.

by Savannah Anand-Sobti
22 June 2015, 7:20am

To coincide with the release of Underground Sundae's 'SKIN' collection, the designers have created a very sensual, slithery short film. The jewellery range features a good mix of pop culture references and symbols including crucifixes, hearts and, of course, snakes. Directed by jewellery designer Mima Bulj and produced by Amy Dellar of Indoor Fountains, this takes repping your wares to a whole new level. 


Directed by Mima Bulj
Cinematography by Amy Dellar
Produced by Underground Sundae
Music by Baba Dushanka

indoor fountains
underground sundae