​a moodboard for man

Liam Hodges and Rory-Parnell Mooney will be representing the scheme at LC:M tomorrow for its 10th anniversary tomorrow – here’s what’s inspired their collections.

by Stuart Brumfitt
11 June 2015, 3:45pm

"This season I looked a lot at Suprematist art like this Malevich, I'm interested in the way that there is this ordered surface that somehow conceals an underlying conflict, a message of protest."

It's 10 years since MAN began, with Topman and Fashion East joining forces to present the best of new London menswear. James Long, Nasir Mazhar, Martine Rose, Cassette Playa and Christopher Shannon have all been part of the support system and gone on to great things. This time round it's back to Liam Hodges and Rory-Parnell Mooney to show at the Old Sorting Office in London. We tapped the two designers to find out the ideas, scenes and moods that have influenced this season's collections. Check them out below and keep your eyes on i-D for show reviews, backstage photos and think pieces throughout LC:M.

Rory-Parnell Mooney

"For the clothes I'm using lots of geometric shapes and details, clean edges, but then underneath there are these loose, uncontrolled layers."

"I am really drawn to this underlying sense of chaos or drama. I wanted to capture that unease, a kind of controlled disorder."

Liam Hodges

"This season I was really into looking at pirate radio in the 90s."

"These bootleg images embody the spirit of my collection."

"This idea of binary coded messages, and broadcasting the brand to the world."

"Another big influence for me is gabber style dressing and lads holidays."