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by Felix Petty
19 June 2017, 4:35pm

If You're In Paris You Can Print Your Own Balenciaga T-shirt at Colette
Demna Gvasalia's Balenciaga officecore revolution continues with a takeover of cult French store Colette. Starting today, and running until 5 August. The takeover will comprise of the brand's autumn/winter 17 collection and a selection of classic Balenciaga pieces reimagined in new fabrics and colours, and -- here's what we're looking forward to most -- a selection of products developed specifically for the store, from sleeping masks to mugs, emblazoned with the Balenciaga logo. There's also the "Balenciaga copy centre" which will feature two printing machines allowing customers to make their own T-shirts and hoodies. In other Balenciaga news, the people who brought you Vetememes have doubled down on their LOLS and launched Boolenciaga. LOL LOL LOL.

If You're In Münster Go and See Skulptur Projekte Münster
If you happen to be in Münster -- don't go out of your way -- before October you will be lucky enough to be able to check out Skulptur Projekte Münster, an exhibition in the German city that happens once every 10 years. Founded in 1977, the Skulptur Projekte's undoubted highlight this time round is French artist Pierre Huyghe's work After ALife Ahead. In an abandoned ice rink Pierre has created something incredible, immersive and totally beguiling. The piece continues the artist's fascination with biological processes; the landscape is alive, shifting and changing, meant to mirror the speed that cancer cells divide in the human body. Cutting deep into the floor to create a landscape that resembles a 3D puzzle used in IQ tests, Pierre's created something full of gnomic and unknowable parts. An aquarium that changes colour and shape depending on light. Mounds of mud are stacked up and a beehive in placed in one. Algae, bacteria and peacocks all coexist in the installation. It is actually 100% amazing and you should definitely go to Münster to see it.

If You're In London Check Out Cajsa Von Zeipel's Debut UK Exhibition at Arcadia Missa
Swedish-born NYC-based sculptor Cajsa Von Zeipel presents her debut UK exhibition at south London's Arcadia Missa. Insulting the Archive, as the show is called, features Cajsa's spectacular plaster-cast girl-gang tableau of sculptures. To ruthlessly steal from the press release, which describes the exhibition better than I can: "Larger-than-life figures tower in a cramped room. Indignant women dominate a crowded space. Androgynous girls intimidate, in imitation of traditional sculpture. Smoking, fucking, hair-pulling, von Zeipel's figures are narcissistic youths, long-legged depictions of subcultural vitality." It sounds like something you'd like, doesn't it? It opens to the general public on Saturday.

Gig of the Week: Kraftwerk at The Royal Albert Hall
Culturally important German music nerds return to London with a big new 3D show over three nights at The Royal Albert Hall. Ralf Hütter is the only original member still pressing buttons on a keyboard and making music about being a robot in love with a computer and driving down an autobahn (German for motorway, thanks Google Translate!)

An Adorable Golden Retriever Followed a Street View Car Around a Whole Island in South Korea
In a time of bad news, fake news, alternative facts, terrorist attacks and what feels like an unending series of tragedies, this cuddly, cute and smiley dog may be the hero we need to soothe our damaged souls. On a small island off the coast of South Korea a dog followed a Google Street View car around, photobombing every single picture it tried to take. Every. Single. Photo. Inspired, possibly, by post-internet artist Jon Rafman's 9-Eyes project -- which captured the strange, surreal and sublime sights available on the platform -- this Korean golden retriever has all the good vibes to get us through these troubled times.

Get Naked with Guinevere Van Seenus
Photographer Drew Jarrett's latest book, produced with our all time fave bookshop IDEA, is a tribute to the bare-naked beauty of American model Guinevere Van Seenus, as she lounges, poses and pouts without a stitch in the upstate New York countryside. Limited to an edition of 300, there are still some available, so you should pick one up while you still can.

Jeremy Corbyn Is Going to Fucking Smash It at Glasto
Hello Glastonbury! It's Jeremy Corbyn. Scourge of the Tories. Defender of the weak. Hope of the youth. Guardian of the NHS. Destroyer of vested interests. It's the absolute boy. Fellow middle aged hippie Michael Eavis has invited JC to take the Pyramid Stage for this year's festival. Picking up the mic and preaching to the choir. Here we… here we… here we fucking go.

Politics Watch: Parliament Reopens and Brexit Looms
The Queen is going to take some time out from chaotically gambling on racehorses at Royal Ascot this week to reopen Parliament by reading out a list of demands Theresa May has been able to cobble together following her strong and stable electoral humiliation two weeks ago. Forced to join up with Northern Ireland's jolly orange band of dour bigots, (i.e. the DUP) to prop up her minority government, this coalition of chaos will lead us into Brexit negotiations, which officially start today, where David Davis will wave a tiny little mandate in the faces of the 27 leaders of the other members of the EU states and demand… well we don't actually know yet. Take the power back!


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