this fan account turns 'call me by your name' scenes into impressionist paintings

Paint me like one of your peaches.

by André-Naquian Wheeler
12 March 2018, 5:41pm


The Call Me By Your Name fandom just keeps getting bigger. Fans have reimagined the film’s standout visuals in creative ways — from turning Elio and Oliver into lego pieces to drawing the couple as rosy-cheeked manga characters. Now, an Instagram account dedicated to combining move stills of our favorite lovebirds with Monet’s signature landscapes has arrived. Call Me By Your Monet is a visual delight for us peach lovers. The hushed romanticism of Monet’s impressionist paintings perfectly match Oliver and Elio’s love affair.

Each collage is captioned with a quote from the Call Me By Your Name novel, written by André Aciman. An image of Oliver massaging Elio’s back withMonet’s watercolor foliage acting as a backdrop is captioned with the swoon-inducing line: “Remember when we were playing volleyball? And I touched you, just to show you, that I liked you?” *Heartpang*

There’s tons of great fan-edited Call Me By Your Name videos to be found online too. One person masterfully created a fake trailer for Call Me By Your Name as a cheesy 80s teen comedy. There’s also a fabulous video essay that deconstructs the film devices Guadagnino employs to create a thick air of seduction. One last bit of good news? It’s almost peach season!

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Call Me By Your Name