aphex twin soundtracked a road safety ad full of pink kittens

Windowlicker gets a community-minded remake, with the help of 100 pink kittens.

by Hannah Ongley
26 October 2017, 9:07am

This article was originally published by i-D US.

Aphex Twin has released some mind-bending visuals over the years, from the distorted faces on his earlier album covers to the truly terrifying 2016 election footage he mashed up for a festival promo video last year. A new road safety advertisement soundtracked by Aphex Twin's iconic IDM track Windowlicker is less brain-melting than clips of disfigured Trump supporters at MAGA rallies — but only slightly. It uses the 1999 single and 100 pink kittens to highlight the dangers of looking at your phone while driving.

Directed by We Are From LA, the minds behind Pharrell's smash hit Happy, the 90-second visual starts by giving viewers a near-impossible task: spotting a pink kitten from the window of a car driving down a busy street at 30mph. The ad then plays a second time in slow-motion, revealing that the street scene contains no less than 100 pink kittens. "You miss a lot glancing at your phone," a message reads at the end. "At 30mph, a car travels 100ft in 2.3 seconds." Who said IDM can't save lives?

Aphex Twin
We Are From LA