Hellraiser and Pinhead are getting a gender-swapped reboot for 2022

The iconic demon will be gender-swapped and played by Sense8's Jamie Clayton. Deserved.

by George Griffiths
09 October 2021, 11:12am

Image courtesy of Film Futures/Entertainment Film Distributors

Calling all inter-dimensional sadomasochists, this one’s for you. Iconic sleazy horror Hellraiser is getting a new reboot for 2022, along with its central villain.

Launching next year, streaming service Hulu’s new take on the vintage horror franchise is also re-casting Pinhead, with Sense 8’s Jamie Clayton taking on the role of everyone’s favourite S&M advocate.

It will be the first time Pinhead, who is the leader of an inter-dimensional group of sadomasochists who cannot tell the difference between pain or pleasure, will be played by a woman.

The actress announced the news on Twitter, saying: “Demons to some. Angels to others.” For an extra Easter Egg, Jamie also holds the iconic puzzle box, that when opened in the film summons Pinhead and his fellow Cenobites to Earth.

The director of the new film David Bruckner said (via Deadline) that “[Jamie} fully embodies the role as the Hell Priest [and together we are] aiming to create a very special new chapter in the Hellraiser legacy.”

Previously, Pinhead, the pin-up (sorry) of the Hellraiser franchise was played by English actor Douglas Bradley. The original franchise spawned a number of sequels, with the latest one 2018’s Hellraiser: Judgement being released direct-to-video formats.

This new vision Hellraiser comes from director and screenwriter David S Goyer, whose best known for writing the Blade films, helping to construct the Dark Knight trilogy with Christopher Nolan and his involvement in Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel (although we’ll try not to hold that against him).

Goyer will write and produce the reboot, which began development in 2019. In a statement announcing his hiring (via NME), he said that the new film would an “evolved yet loving” re-imagining of Hellraiser for a new generation.

And it looks like we won’t have long to wait to see this new vision. Production on the new Hellraiser has already been completed, and the film will launch on Hulu sometime in 2022.

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