You can watch an Animal Crossing version of the trailer for Tiger King

Nookflix and chill anyone?

by Jenna Mahale
19 May 2020, 10:38am

Image via Reddit

For several weeks now since its release, what we knew of the world we once lived in has rapidly migrated onto Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In the age of social distancing, it’s a place where we can (kind of) meet our Hinge dates, participate in protests, and make our political views known via virtual T-shirt.

No realm of existence is safe as island life tightens its grip on our reality. Now, even Netflix’s Tiger King has become Animal Crossing-ified (the technical term). The trailer, which you watch below, makes use of the game's extensive customisation options to recreate the entire cast of characters from the twisty docuseries in fun, cartoonish technicolour.

A line of perfectly circular graves are dug, for the row of tiger statues beside them. Carole Baskin’s husband is captured in all his nebbish, pantless glory. They’ve even managed to make ponytailed serial abuser Bhagavan “Doc” Antle look kind of sweet, you know, for a horror of a person.

And who is responsible for bringing together two of quarantine’s biggest pop culture coping mechanisms? That would be Reddit user elpinko, who apparently spent around a week and a half designing the characters and set pieces, and putting the scenes together in a clip.

Despite cuddlier appearances, the AC: NH Tiger King promises to have as much murder, sex appeal, and country music as the original show. I’d put it on my watch list.

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