This print sale captures a snapshot of modern Ireland, while raising money for charity

Launched this week, all profits from Pictures from Ireland – which features the work of over 40 photographers – will go towards NHS Charities Together and the Irish Network Against Racism.

by Roisin Lanigan
02 July 2020, 10:00am

(L) Amelia Troubridge, Urban Cowboys Dublin (1996), (R) Michelle Sank, Teenagers Belfast

If there’s one silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic -- and it’s a silver lining you have to really stretch to look for -- it’s that at least our houses, the places we’ve been stuck inside for weeks on end, have become a little bit more beautiful. Whether they’re suddenly filled with cacti and Japanese peace lilies, or the aroma of banana bread and sourdough is constantly wafting through the rooms, lockdown has made our horribly overpriced rental homes just a little more homely. Why not continue that mission to be 2020’s interior design king with some beautiful prints? And even better, you can support charities fighting racism and working on the frontlines of the pandemic in the process.

Launched this week, Pictures from Ireland is a print sale organised by a collective of artists, who, like many of us, found themselves with more time on their hands than usual during lockdown, and wanted to give something back. "We saw all the great efforts by Pictures for Elmhurst in the States and Photographs for the Trussell Trust in the UK, and realised that the same kind of format could be applied to Ireland,” says Scott Gallagher, one of the photographers in the collective.

“Given the current climate of the world today, we thought we’d use this time wisely to gather together a group of international artists making incredible work in Ireland to fundraise for the NHS Charities Together and the Irish Network Against Racism, which works with over 100 anti-racism civil society organisations to highlight and address racism across Ireland.”

The collection of prints included in the sale are a vibrant snapshot of work created in the North and South of Ireland by an international group of photographers. Priced at £100 per print, the works represent an array of styles and backgrounds, featuring portrait, documentary and fashion photography. Over 40 artists took part -- Amelia Troubridge, Andrew Johnston, Andrew Nuding, Bobby Zithelo, Boo George, Brian Daly, Chad Alexander, Ciara Crocker, Conor Clinch, David Vail, Ellius Grace, Eoin McLoughlin, George Voronov, Hazel Gaskin, Hugh O’Conor, Jacob Lillis, Jamie William, Joshua Gordon, Kevin O’Farrell, Leonn Ward, Lewis Khan, Liam Murphy, Linda Brownlee, Lisa Bennett, Megan Doherty, Michelle Sank, Neil Gavin, Olin Brannigan, Philip White, Rachel Lamb, Ronan Gallagher, Rose Comiskey, Scott Gallagher, Sophie Green, Stephen Wilson, Theo Cottle, Timothy O’Connell, Tom Johnson and Wally Cassidy -- and the result is a unique look at modern Ireland through a kaleidoscope of lenses.

So, whether you’re a member of the diaspora desperately missing home during lockdown -- hi! -- or just looking for something beautiful to have in your home, take a browse through the offerings here. Step away from the grey crushed velvet accents. Buy a print instead. Trust us.

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Scott Gallagher