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Enny is Jorja Smith’s favourite new London MC

Here are 10 things you should know about the soulful young rapper and singer.

by Frankie Dunn
03 December 2020, 5:47pm

Image via Instagram

Sometimes, an artist doesn’t need to have released a project-load of music for you to know they’re something special. Artists like 25-year-old Enny, for example, who only have three tracks out in the world. Her debut, the catchy and to the point “He’s Not Into You”, dropped back in spring and immediately caught the attention of i-D fave Jorja Smith, who recruited the young artist for her label, FAMM -- her very first signing.

Then came the jazzy “For South”, on which Enny plays narrator with a touching ode to her south London home and all those who come up through it. Born and raised in Thamesmead, she credits her upbringing for shaping her into the artist she is today. “I think it came from school and the people I’ve met growing up,” she tells us. “A lot of my extended family have lived locally too, so it’s very much home.”  

But it was “Peng Black Girls”, featuring fellow British Nigerian artist Amina Brave, that really caught fire. Released in October, the track is a beautiful celebration of Black British women of all skin tones and sizes. Drawing on her heritage, in her lyrics Enny highlights a lack of representation in the media, the beauty in different hairstyles, and wanting a big booty like her auntie rather than that of Kim K. The accompanying music video, shot on film by director Otis Dominique, is a portrait of the artists, their friends and families.

You know who really loved “Peng Black Girls”? Enny’s label mate Jorja Smith. So much, in fact, that J asked Enny if she could hop on a remix. The result came out yesterday and truly takes the song to another level. Listen to the remix here, watch the video for the original below, and get to know Enny via these 10 quite interesting facts. 

1. Enny’s earliest musical memory is of Murder Inc’s finest
“I was rapping and singing along to a Ja Rule song when I was like 7. I’ll never forget the way my siblings looked at me!” 

2. "Peng Black Girls" just came to her one night like magic
“There’s no story behind the track and I like that. I just remember having a moment of inspiration while walking to the train station one night. I knew right away that Amia was perfect for the hook.” 

3. Look out for her mum in the music video
“I had an idea of what I wanted and Otis, the director, really brought it to life! He got the vision and executed it to a tee. It was so sick to get mine and Amia’s mums and sisters and friends to be part of this moment. It made it even more special.”

4. Getting Jorja Smith on the remix means a lot to Enny
“Having Jorja on the remix is gassy! Her verse is cold, like, she’s really saying something. But the organic nature of how everything came to be makes me treasure it even more.”  

5. Enny has worked with Hackney artist development space Root 73, and recommends young aspiring musicians reach out
Root73 is a rare space. You don’t often find places where you can fall into a network of artists and producers who are all talented and passionate about just making music.” 

6. As the youngest in her family, Enny was raised on a real array of music
The amount of music I was surrounded by growing up… I was always soaking up everyone’s taste in music, from Lauryn Hill to Stevie Wonder, Tupac and Kano.”

7. When she was 14, she fell in love… with her favourite lyricist 
“I fell in love with J.Cole’s artistry at like 14 and became obsessed.” 

8. Enny has a secret past. We’re waiting for video evidence
“I was a child street dancer lol.” 

9. 2020 might have taught her some important things
“I think this year I’ve grown a lot in being comfortable in myself.” 

10. But 2021 will be for making big industry moves
“The plan for next year is to maintain my sanity, while making and releasing more music… and hopefully playing some shows!”

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