The trailer for Hunter Schafer’s Euphoria spin-off is here

It’s the second in HBO and Sam Levinson’s tide-over episodes before season two kicks off.

by Douglas Greenwood
20 January 2021, 11:49am

Hunter Schafer in Euphoria

Late last year, HBO and Sam Levinson’s wild high school drama Euphoria gave us a gift. After the show’s hotly anticipated second season was delayed, like most TV shows -- quashing our desire to spend more time in the company of those frankly irresponsible and hedonistic American teenagers -- we got the news we needed to get us through the rough months ahead: two special episodes would take us deeper into the Euphoria universe. Today, following Rue’s spin-off that aired in December (starring Zendaya, of course), we’re getting our first look at the trailer for Jules’ special episode. And it not only stars the model-slash-actor as the risk-taking, lovestruck teenager, but she co-wrote the episode too. 

The episode, titled “Fuck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob”, reflects on the past year we’ve spent away from Jules, unpacking her relationship with both herself and Rue. The trailer we’ve been given doesn’t give much of that away though: only blink and you’ll miss it vignettes of the year gone by. Regardless of what we’ve been shown yet (and isn’t that half the fun of shows like this -- not knowing what you’re getting?), what we can be sure of is that this will be our most thorough look into the life of Hunter’s character, one we know she played a key part in the formation of throughout Euphoria’s first season

“Rue was the first girl who didn’t just look at me,” Jules says over dramatic breakdown sequences spliced with softer, more beautiful ones in the episode’s trailer. “She actually saw me. The me that’s underneath a million layers of not me.”

Last week, Hunter uploaded a copy of the show’s script — with her name on it as a co-writer — to Instagram. She’d emblazoned the cover with illustrations and lay charm bracelets over it, an homage to her character. 

What’s more, the Hunter-written episode will also feature a new track from these often-talked-about studio sessions that Billie Eilish and Rosalía have been having. Titled “Lo Vas A Olvidar”, or “You Will Forget”, it’s set to drop with a music video at 9am PT tomorrow, according to a teaser Billie uploaded to Twitter

It’ll be a nice way to ramp up your own anticipation for the special Jules episode of Euphoria that will hit HBO Max on Friday at 6pm ET/9am PT, rolling out at similar times across the world too. And once this is over, you know what that means? We’ll be edging ever closer to getting a first look at season two, featuring Zendaya, Hunter and our queen Alexa Demie too. 

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