Extinction Rebellion call out the fashion industry in newly released video

The environmental activist group is calling on fashion’s biggest names to make a concerted change, for the sake of the planet.

by Roisin Lanigan
01 October 2020, 10:25am

Fashion month is currently happening, but not as we’ve ever known it before. The pandemic we’re still -- yes, still! -- living through has necessitated some changes within the industry. It’s been a time for designers, editors, and consumers alike to reflect on the breakneck speed of creation and presentation we’ve grown so used to, and ask ourselves whether there’s a chance to use this time for good to become more sustainable in our fashion industry practices. 

To that end, Extinction Rebellion are adding to the pressure with the release of their new “Fashion Act Now” campaign, leading the charge with a powerful video quoting some of the industry’s biggest names. Featuring Virgil Abloh, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Anthony Vaccarello and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, the video is a multimedia open letter, a call to action to demand that fashion “work[s] fast enough in its role to mitigate climate and ecological breakdown”. 

Narrated by activist Tori Tsui, the video pays tribute to the work the industry has begun on sustainability, particularly this year, but calls for more long term change. “Fashion, your words are powerful, but where is the meaningful change?” it asks. “2020 is a closing window of opportunity and fashion’s footprint only grows. By 2030, fashion consumption is predicted to grow by 63%. We call on you to transform our culture of consumption and destruction. Together, let’s demand Fashion Act Now.”

Check out the full clip here.

Extinction Rebellion