Stevie Nicks responds to that viral Fleetwood Mac TikTok

You know the one.

by Roisin Lanigan
28 October 2020, 10:52am

Some sweet hump day information for you: Stevie Nicks is both aware of TikTok, and has watched and enjoyed that viral TikTok of the skateboarder drinking cranberry juice while listening to classic Fleetwood Mac track “Dreams”. Love that for her.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the clip we mean. It features content creator Nathan Apodaca skating leisurely through the suburbs, drinking from a bottle of Ocean Spray and enjoying Stevie’s dulcet tones on the Rumours track. Since appearing on TikTok last month it has cemented itself as a FYP staple, and racked up over 20 million views.

And one of those 20 million views is Stevie herself. In a new interview with CBS This Morning, everyone’s favourite white witch said the short video was mind-blowing (agree). “This TIkTok thing has kind of blown my mind,” Stevie said. “I’m happy about it because it seems to have made so many people happy.”

Happy all the way to the bank, undoubtedly. Thanks to the clip, streams of the song have exploded. Sales of “Dreams” have gone up by 184% since the video was first posted on TikTok, with streaming numbers up by an insane 242%. Originally released in 1977, the song has now re-entered the Billboard Chart, being streamed over 100k times a day, reports Rolling Stone.

If that wasn’t pure and wholesome enough, Stevie has also joined in the viral challenge to recreate Nathan’s original vid. In a short clip the musical icon, legend and star is seen lacing up a pair of retro roller skates by a grand piano while “Dreams” plays in the background. Honestly, the vibes are immaculate with every aspect of this whole story.