Tyler Q Durden

Photos reflecting the quiet energy of Shanghai youth

Shot over two years, Tyler Q Durden's 'Volcano' series captures his friends in response to their ever-evolving world.

by Briony Wright
17 January 2021, 10:38pm

Tyler Q Durden

Tyler Q Durden is a photographer from Shanghai who, since 2018, has worked on a photography project called Volcano. Inspired by the energy, creativity and resilience of his friends, Volcano looks to capture the spirit of his community and the 'pure eruption' of moods and feelings they experience at different times. 

As an addition to the series, Tyler also made a short film in the wake of the first coronavirus wave, bringing his idea to life in a wash of fashion, music and tattoos. Watch it below.

Qi Wang 2019 MuDanJiang.jpg
MoXuan Chen 2017 BeiJing2.jpg
MoXuan Chen 2017 BeiJing.jpg
Ying Pang 2018 BeiJing 2.jpg
Ying Pang 2018 BeiJing 3.jpg
YiChao Sun 2018 BeiJing .jpg
WenXin Hsieh 2019 TaiPei 9 .jpg
WenXin Hsieh 2019 TaiPei 11 .jpg
WenXin Hsieh 2019 TaiPei 8.jpg
WenXin Hsieh 2019 BeiJing .jpg
WenXin Hsieh  x Juan2019 TaiPei.jpg
WenXin Hsieh 2019 TaiPei 15.jpg
ShuMeng Song 2019 BeiJing 5.jpg
ShuMeng Song 2019 BeiJing .jpg
Qi Wang 2019 BeiJing  3.jpg
JI WU 2020 BeiJing 3.jpg
Detmustafa 2019 BeiJing 2.jpg
TengShuai Shi 2018 BaLi.jpg
ChenChu Zhu 2019 BeiJing2.jpg
ZiWei Ma 2019 BeiJing.jpg


All images courtesy Tyler Q Durden