Holy shit, here’s a Stevie Nicks and Miley Cyrus duet

This is what happens when you let the Democrats lead!

by Douglas Greenwood
06 November 2020, 12:05pm

Image via Instagram

What a wild week this has been for everybody the world over. An election result that we’ve still not quite managed to pin down yet; another lockdown for much of Europe; both Kylie and Little Mix dropping albums, sending gayboys skyward as a consequence. And then, we get this: Stevie Nicks and Miley Cyrus collaborating on a song together. Can you believe?

Yep, just a week after she announced her new album Plastic Hearts would be dropping this month, Miley has revealed that she’s created a remix of “Midnight Sky” featuring Stevie -- and it interpolates the throwback banger that is her legendary 1981 track “Edge of Seventeen”. 

Now titled “Midnight Sky (Edge of Midnight)”, it leads with the distinct “Edge of Seventeen” guitar riff, later sampled by Destiny’s Child on “Bootylicious”, as Miley sings the words to her own hit over it. Then, halfway through the chorus, it switches pace and Stevie shows up with some lyrics from her own track. It’s still very much a duet though, with both parties singing in harmony. All in all, it’s one of those natural crossovers that you’re shocked didn’t already exist. “Stevie Nicks has always been my idol & an inspiration. It’s an honor to now call her my friend and collaborator,” Miley said on an Instagram post announcing the song, while Stevie called the experience “Magical!” – adding that she “[l]oved singing with her!”

What’s fun though, is that the idea of these two songs coming together has been hypothesised by fans for months now. Back in August, @kelexandra on YouTube revealed her own version of it, which bears plenty of similarities to the official version. You can listen to it here.

This track comes at a time that sees Stevie Nicks having a generation Z renaissance moment, following that TikTok going viral last month, and a new song in the form of “Show Me The Way”. Plus, there’s still that sweet relationship between her and Harry Styles, which continues to make every single one of us jealous of those who get to eavesdrop on their conversations. Now, let’s figure out a way we can get Miley Cyrus, Stevie Nicks and Harry Styles on the same track -- cool?

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