A Positive Message is the P.A.M. fashion collab amplifying good vibes

From Peter Sutherland’s family photos to Kiki Kudo’s watermelon pickle recipe, this is the content we need right now.

by Briony Wright
17 February 2021, 12:45am

Courtesy of P.A.M

Earlier this year, Australian label P.A.M. joined forces with record-label-owner and creative-all-rounder Cali DeWitt on a new line of environmentally-conscious clothing and accessories called A Positive Message. Taking P.A.M.’s experimental approach to design and dialling up the feel-good factor, A Positive Message takes its inspiration from the designers’ community of creative friends and the small pleasures they find in life. For DJ and chef Kiki Kudo it’s her tiny little ‘watermelon pickles’ recipe, which is printed on a colourful, oversized tote. There’s a t-shirt featuring Peter Sutherland’s pictures alongside words about reconnecting with nature and realising your dreams. And another that’s adorned with Matt Werth’s pre-and-post-meditation scribbles.

A Positive Message - PRE SS21 Lookbook_19.jpg

Expanding on the idea, P.A.M. have also created a content series of Positive Messages, inviting friends to contribute mixes, photos, movies, writing, drawings or whatever they feel along the same theme. Here Francesca Gavin shares ten lesser-known facts about mushrooms, Alex Olson — skater, founder of Bianca Chandôn and keen meditator — shares helpful breathing tips, DJ Andee Frost lays out an incense ritual, Fergadelic offers a quirky book review and so much more. It’s like a trippy self-help platform guaranteed to make you see the world a little differently.

A Positive Message - PRE SS21 Lookbook_08.jpg

Now, the idea has also been brought to life at a pop-up store at Cibone in Tokyo, with an exhibition of related images, sounds, smells and wares. On until February 28th it’s an opportunity to physically immerse yourself in the land of positivity created by these artists and contributors.

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