Matty Bovan is here to save your Christmas wardrobe

In a new holiday capsule, the York-based designer brings together fashion, fantasy and festive cheer.

by Mahoro Seward
27 November 2020, 12:18pm

If you’ve been umming and ahing over whether to upgrade that tattered festive jumper you drag out every 1 December, this news is for you. With less than a month to go, Matty Bovan has swooped in to save your Christmas wardrobe, bringing you a handmade BOVAN holiday capsule, revealed exclusively here on i-D. For anyone familiar with the York-based fashion designer’s work and its celebratory exuberance, the announcement hardly comes as a surprise. But, at a time when what’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year feels burdened with dread, it couldn’t be more needed.

Matty Bovan Holiday capsule

“I really wanted something fun and festive!” Matty says. “Everything has been so surreal this year, so I just wanted to do something more light and joyful.” Factor in the fun facts that “red, green and gold are some of [Matty’s] all time fave colours” and some of the most fab festive fashion around is a guarantee. His personal favourites are the bright sweatshirts screenprinted with metallic motifs and an oversized version of his signature Future Olde England graphic. New characters are brought into the mix, too, with spritely figures decorating T-shirts and Christmas cards. “They were supposed to be like jesters, medieval characters,” Matty says, “I was experimenting with more illustrative drawings. They’re more like characters from the stage!”

Matty Bovan Holiday capsule

Further showstoppers are made by Matty’s mum, Plum, who’s behind all of the label’s decorative finishings. For the capsule, she’s worked on a range of season-appropriate glitz that includes crystal kilt pins, earrings and “some great glitter mesh accessories full of movement and fun,” the designer says — not to mention jewelled baseball caps. “They’re really mad, but in a good way. I just wanted her to have fun with it and didn't give too much input!”

Keen to make it through this strange holiday season in style? Head over to the Matty Bovan website, where you can discover the new capsule and more.

Matty Bovan Holiday capsule
Matty Bovan Holiday capsule
Matty Bovan Holiday capsule
Matty Bovan Holiday capsule


Images courtesy Matty Bovan

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