20 photographers capturing California to follow on Instagram in 2020

Reinvigorate your tired feed with these inspiring photographers working in and around LA.

by Ryan White
26 February 2020, 6:00pm

Photography Jaden Walker

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

If there’s one thing, and one thing only, that productivity vortex Instagram is good for, it’s finding incredible imagery. So, in 2020, it’s time to unfollow @fuckjerry -- all the good memes are on Twitter anyway -- and instead enjoy its original purpose; unearthing brilliant photographers that offer your feed something truly original.

Julian Burgueño
Shooting Compton cowboys, LA's music scene and the friends he's made since moving from Mexico, Julian's work feels fresh and authentic.

Ricardo Nagaoka
Originally from Paraguay but now based in California, Ricardo has a wonderful ability to capture tender, unfiltered moments of love and affection.

Jaden Walker
Shooting mostly personal projects, Jaden works with a lot of his friends and street cast guys.

Daria Kobayashi Ritch
Malibu native Daria utilises the warm California sunlight when turning her lens to Chanté Adams, Miles Heizer and Laura Harrier for i-D.

Richard Ramirez Jr.
Richard's imagery has a charming and surreal quality to it.

Pat Martin
A master of portraiture, Pat's award-winning photography of his family, in particular his late mother, conveys incredible emotion and depth.

Zoe Ghertner
Slip into the serene calmness of Zoe's beautiful fashion photography.

Glen Luchford
The OG British fashion photographer has shot the biggest names in the biz. These days you can often find him shooting on the beach.

Colin Dodgson
Based in London but originally from California, Colin often returns to shoot its epic sunsets across wide open beaches.

Adrian Nieto
A go-to photographer for LA-based artists like Kevin Abstract and Ryan Beatty.

Cameron McCool
Cameron has a remarkable ability for catching that intangible air of liberation and spontaneity of partying and communicating it in a still image.

Jack McKain
With a hazy 80s aesthetic, Jack's work shooting some of LA's most intriguing emerging (and big league) artists is extremely absorbing.

Jheyda McGarrell
The photographer and Art Hoe Collective founder's work epitomises louche California cool.

Devyn Galindo
Originally from a small city in northern Orange County, Devyn shoots the city's many different scenes and subcultures.

Jalan and Jibril Durimel
The elusive LA-based twin brother photography duo don't post often, but when they do it's special.

Clara Balzary
Elegant, natural and sun-soaked fashion photography.

Fabian Guerrero
Fabian caught our attention with a moving series of photographs of queer men from Los Angeles in traditional ranchero dress.

Mike O’Meally
The legendary skate photographer shoots across the world, but nowhere better than in his current hometown LA.

George Byrne
The most soothing collection of pastel-coloured exteriors against bright blue skies.

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