Kristen Stewart is working on a queer ghost-hunting reality show

The G in LGBTQ stands for ghosts.

by Jenna Mahale
16 November 2021, 12:09pm

still from Personal Shopper

In Pablo Larraín’s Spencer, Kristen Stewart gives one of her strongest performances yet as a tormented Princess Diana – one that has her hotly-tipped to win Best Actress at the fast-approaching 2022 Academy Awards. Throughout the film, Kristen’s Diana is haunted by the very beautiful and opulently-dressed ghost of Anne Boleyn (head still attached). This, we assume, must have been the primary inspiration for the gay ghost-hunting reality TV series she has just teased in (where else?) The New Yorker. Icon. 

According to staff writer Emily Witt, K-Stew described the show as “‘a paranormal romp in a queer space,’ with elevated aesthetics.” “Gay people love pretty things,” added the actress. “So we are aiming for a richness.” She’s not wrong. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that gay people are also known to love, well, ghosts. Yes, we do have interests outside of astrology! In 2018, Autostraddle’s Lesbian Stereotypes Survey found that LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people “are certifiably more haunted and more likely to believe in ghosts than the population at large”.

Unfortunately, no further details were divulged in the piece, other than that she’s been working on the show with a friend. (Not, as some are reporting, her screenwriter fiancée Dylan Meyer. The couple are instead writing a TV series together.) However, since K-Stew apparently showed “a couple of pitch decks on her laptop” to the The New Yorker, we can surmise that she has a fairly detailed idea of the show concept. Leak the decks Kristen, please!

K-Stew’s venture into the paranormal reality genre is not as rogue a move as it may seem. In 2016’s Personal Shopper, of course, she starred as a medium who loses her twin brother but struggles to communicate with him beyond the grave. As reported by Nylon, Kristen’s second ghostly project “follows a slew of paranormal-inspired content helmed by celebrity hosts with a penchant for the supernatural”, including Unidentified with Demi Lovato (in which the singer, along with their sister Dallas and friend Matthew go road-tripping and alien-hunting) and Conjuring Kesha, a similarly-formatted show that sees the popstar and her friends explore haunted houses all over the country in pursuit of spectres.

Kristen’s show might well be along these lines, though it remains to be seen as to whether they will be looking exclusively for gay ghosts.

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