What fans wore to Harry Styles' Love on Tour last night

"Most boys aren't nice, but Harry is."

by Pip + Lib
20 June 2022, 3:55pm

Harry Styles, Love On Tour. We’ve spent a few years waiting, but it’s finally here. This past weekend, Harry topped off his return to the UK stages with a double bill show at Wembley Stadium — and his fans made sure no cowboy hat was left behind. HSLOT (as the tour has been abbreviated) has caused a ripple effect across the wardrobes of the world. As Harry moves from country to country, a gathering of feather boas and a healthy dose of hot pink arrives ready to follow him.

In the lead up to the tour, his fans have been all over TikTok, sharing the unofficial HSLOT dress code. Some are referencing the classic 70s silhouettes of the Fine Line era. Others are moving into the more recent camp 80s sparkle moment a la Harry’s House. Then there’s also the fans who have crocheted their own fit, inspired by that JW Anderson cardigan

Heading down to Wembley, it was obvious that the dress code was not necessarily about what you wear, but how you feel wearing it. Behind all the crochet and camp, the only real requirement is to feel alive and free in your own skin. Very Harry, tbh.

To honour the moment, we grabbed some fans before they ran for their spot in the stadium and spoke to them about their idol and their outfits.

two harry styles fans wearing pink cowboy hats at the love on tour show

Lili-Evangeline and Ivy, London

What inspired your outfits?
Doing whatever we want to. No one is judging here.

What character are you playing?
Hot cowboy going to a disco party.

Are you a die-hard fan?
YES. We have grown up listening to him. It has been so special to see his journey into a man - a special, inclusive colourful man, who makes everyone feel good.

a harry styles fan wearing a white feather boa and a white cowboy hat

Scarlett, London

What inspired your outfit?
Harry. He is always in sparkles, so I just thought I am just gonna stick it all together and hope for the best.

How do you feel in this look?
Ready to dance!

What do you love most about Harry?
The confidence to be himself and wear anything. I love that.

two harry styles fans wearing strawberry crochet looks

Christina and Alessandra, London

What inspired your outfits?
Harry is a fruity guy, he loves that watermelon sugar and cherry, so fruit is very on brand. We also wanted to be extravagant and silly for him.

What do you love about Harry?
Most boys aren’t nice, but he is.

a harry styles fan in a leopard print dress and cowboy hat, another in a pink jumpsuit

Paola and Grace, Manchester and Cornwall

What inspired your outfits?
We’ve have had these tickets for two years now, so we’ve gone through ALL the phases. Harry’s suit phase. Harry 70s phase. Now we are at the hot cowgirls on the ranch phase.

What happened to the other phases?
They are in a vacuum pack, under the bed.

If you could say anything to Harry?
My boyfriend actually gave me a hall pass for Harry. So if you are reading this: ‘Harry, I’m here.’

a harry styles fan in a lilac shirt, white feather boa and pearl necklace

Neneh, London

What inspired your outfit?
I wanted to pull off a Fine Line moment, but also mix in a feeling of the Harry fandom.

What do you love most about Harry?
I was drawn to him the early days of 1D. And seeing him now as a solo artist just makes me love life.

two harry styles fans in sheer shirts, pink corsets and feather boas

Sal and Jan, Manchester

What inspired your outfits?
This is very Fine Line era. We love pink and we wanted something to match the vibe.

Are you enjoying the vibe here?
YES. Love it. Everyone is so gay and it’s just perfect.

Three words to describe your outfits?
Pxxxy, Cxxt and Fish.

a harry styles fan in a 70s blazer and blue slacks with a cowboy hat on

Luke, Hertford

What inspired your outfits?
Obviously Hazza, but I am also really into the 70s. All of this is thrifted.

Did you get it all for today?
I am a stylist, so I always have bits. But I saw him in a blue and yellow outfit a while ago, and I thought it was so beautiful, so that was my starting point.

a harry styles fan wearing purple denim flares and a black bralette

Sophie, Bognor Regis

What inspired this fit?
For Radio 1 Big Weekend, Harry wore a purple sequin suit, with accents of black, and I loved those colours together.

Which piece came first?
I got the trousers and I just felt so hot. I was like this outfit has to work.

What’s the dress code today?
Fancy, bougie and colourful.

a harry styles fan in slacks, a denim jacket and a necklace

Jack, Birmingham

What inspires your style?
Harry Styles and Elton John. I hate to be basic, so I will always push my look. Like these heeled boots. Heels are great.

How do you feel in this look?
I have a sense of freedom. I like to express with my clothes, and this outfit really does that for me.

a harry styles fan does her makeup before the gig wearing pink

Elise, Birmingham

How would you describe your outfit?
I love glitter. It’s a vibe. And pink. Very pink.

How do you feel in this look?
Hot! And a little bit slutty. Mums are staring at me, but I am feeling out of this world.

a harry styles fan in a crochet cardigan

Cynthia, Surrey

What inspired this fit?
I crocheted this jumper after seeing the JW Anderson cardigan last year. So I thought it would be rude no to wear it tonight.

How does Harry’s music make you feel?
I am writing my uni project on how he soothes my anxiety. Listening to him is the best feeling in the world.

Words and imagery by Pip + Lib.

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