'the hills' are alive and back on mtv!

I will never forgive Justin Bobby.

by Jack Sunnucks
02 April 2019, 8:56pm

Screengrab via Youtube.

Furthering evidence that culture is regressing and we’re on the edge of societal collapse, we bring you the trailer for The Hills: New Beginnings, which is in fact not a new beginning at all, but a comeback from the iconic Angeleno teens. Who are now not in fact teens, but adults, with equally ridiculous but more allegedly grown-up problems. “SOME MEMORIES LAST FOREVER,” MTV tells us, to the tune of Natasha Bedingfield’s iconic chanson “Unwritten,” all the while showing us a montage of painful memories from the original series. Well, banish those memories and prepare to create new ones, as the gang are back, plus Marissa Cooper (i.e. Mischa Barton) from The OC, which is a confusing case of fiction meeting the real(ity TV). We can’t wait to be updated on the lives of iconic plastic surgery aficionados Heidi and Spencer, doomed former lovers Audrina and Justin Bobby, and most handsome man to walk the face of the planet, Brody Jenner. You’ll have to wait until June 24 to tune in, by which time the end of days may have come about, and Lauren will have reason to really regret not going to Paris!

The Hills