king krule wants you to send him your coolest 'ooz'-inspired sky photo

And the best one will win a prize.

by Emily Kirkpatrick
26 January 2018, 8:46pm

King Krule moves in mysterious ways. Whether it's taking a four-year hiatus from recording only to abruptly return with yet another genre-defying magnum opus, sending out cryptic posters to fans without warning, publishing a book of poetry in the interim, or claiming he "couldn't be bothered" to collaborate on Kanye West's new album, there's no predicting what Archy Marshall will do next.

So, naturally, for his latest out-of-left-field endeavor the multi-moniker musician has initiated a little Instagram photo contest. On Friday, Edgar the Breathtaker posted the cover of his most recent album, The Ooz, to his Instagram Stories, asking fans to, "send in your version of the OOZ Sky to this place and I'm gonna collect them maybe even give prizes out or something."

Krule even created a whole new account for the endeavor, @oozskyphotos, where he's already posted the work of 17 fans, captioning the shots of deep blue sky streaked with a pastel pink contrail with each fan's Instagram handle and the location where the picture was taken. He also posted a superzoom Instagram story of his own gold-toothed grin to the account as proof of authenticity and another on his personal account claiming that "there is already a prize ready" for the lucky winner.

The exact guidelines as to what will determine the "winning" photo remain to be seen, as does the prize that person will receive, but for now, we'll just have to trust that Archy has something suitably strange up his sleeve.

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