lily allen's new video recreates her iconic late-2000s looks

The visual for Lily's Giggs collab track 'Trigger Bang' is full of clever Easter eggs for longtime fans.

by Hannah Ongley
24 January 2018, 5:42pm

Lily Allen and Giggs didn’t get off on perfect footing — the rapper was a bit pissed at her for leaving her most iconic songs off a 2014 V Festival set list. “He ran off a few song titles from my debut Alright, Still, songs that he'd wanted to hear me play, and that I hadn't,” Lily recalled to i-D in December.

Giggs’s unenthusiastic review of the album she was promoting — 2014's Sheezus — was actually just what Lily needed. “Despite the fact that none of [the new songs] were being played on the radio, my ego was sure everyone would appreciate my artistic dedication to it, it was brilliant if not misunderstood, or perhaps just very badly presented and communicated,” she said. “In short, I was a drunk mess.”

The two are now tight AF — Giggs ended up hopping on Lily’s brilliant comeback track “Trigger Bang,” on which the now-mom of two has a reckoning with her booze-fuelled past. Today, Lily released the video for the collab track, and it’s full of Easter eggs alluding to her iconic older songs. Scenes recreate the aesthetic of Lily's videos for “22,” “Smile,” and “LDN,” with the club bathroom from "22" replicated to particularly uncanny effect. The actual fashion, meanwhile is a full-on throwback to Lily's best late-2000s looks. Tulle and trainers! Neon pink! Flapper headbands! It's not hard to see why Karl Lagerfeld crowned her a Chanel Ambassador.

It’s been a good week for our forever-unapologetic pop queen. Today, Lily also announced her first UK tour in three years, kicking off on March 20. She also revealed some details about her follow-up to Sheezus, which will be titled No Shame and drop early this summer. Oh, and she roasted Wireless Festival for not booking enough female performers. That’s the girl we know and love.

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