Images courtesy Savage x Fenty

meet the star of the savage x fenty campaign

You may know Lulu Bonfils as @louisvuittoncrocs.

by Jack Sunnucks
16 May 2018, 2:57pm

Images courtesy Savage x Fenty

“It’s really rare to see a mainstream lingerie company have freaky bras for something larger than a D,” says Lulu Bonfils of Savage x Fenty. “It’s just for everybody.” Lulu, who you might know from her Instagram handle @louisvuittoncrocs, is one of the stars of the campaign. The New York art student and model has seemingly had her image shared thousands of times by Rihanna fans, and more pertinently by fans of really wild bras that actually come in more than just the tiniest sizes. It not just the aesthetic or sizing, however, that sets Savage x Fenty apart — it’s Rihanna’s sentiment that this is a label by women, for women.

“It was not about the male gaze,” says Bonfils of shooting the campaign with photographer Tyrone Lebon. “It was more about the interesting people behind the lingerie — it’s more powerful than it being for your partner.” Bonfils obviously spent the day almost naked, which had the unexpected effect of bringing the varied cast together. “The whole day on set we were in very vulnerable places, being in thongs in front of other people,” she laughs. “And being naked the whole day! We got a lot of time to talk to each other and bond, and we did these interviews together that were very honest, and we got to talk about the shit that we go through.”

Bonfils got her start when she appeared in a shoot for her friend’s brand, Me and You, which a bunch of people noticed, including Nike. “Nike’s definitely a huge brand that’s advertising a lot of plus women,” she says of the sports giant. “Working with them is really cool, they’re really about showing that everybody exercises. There’s a lot of weird people on Instagram who are like, ‘Plus size models are so lucky, they just get to pig out!’ And Nike’s about health, and showing everybody in their exercise routine, and making good products for all body types.”

Outside of modelling, she studies at Pratt, the results of which (sometimes) make it to her Instagram, including a huge, gross, wobbly Jell-O cake. “That was a video I made,” she says, sounding vaguely horrified. “Our final project was to make a video. Me and my friends were watching Julie and Julia one night, and they’re obsessed with it, they cried they love it so much. So I was like, that’s a really good idea to make a crazy aspic on a weird cooking show. I wanted to make the grossest, gelatinous monster thing. It was the worst smell I’ve ever smelled in my whole life. We put confetti on it.” Obviously.

This summer, the 18-year-old somehow has to combine modeling with her art. She laughs, “I think I’m going to be working a lot during the summer!” It sounds, however, like this summer she’s more likely to be working in front of the camera more than in the studio, given the excitement surrounding all the women in the Savage x Fenty launch. “I feel like being featured [by Rihanna] gives me a huge shot of… proudness? I don’t know! It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever done.” For now, definitely, but you suspect that even bigger things are on their way for Lulu Bonfils.
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