shanghai producers scintii and hyph11e go b2b on this dark friday mix

Venture beyond the great firewall with a showcase of Chinese club music.

by Frankie Dunn
16 February 2018, 5:41pm

You might already be familiar with exciting Genome6.66Mbp-affiliated producers and DJs Hyph11Eand Scintii. Making names for themselves with their bass-heavy club music, the best friends started out DJing at the same time and are typically found playing the same line-ups. Together they vibe off a shared energy and drive to reach past the firewall currently shutting off access to the likes of Soundcloud and YouTube in China, using VPNs to share their music with fans. “We're figuring out how to connect to the outside world, to see what’s happening out there," explains Hyph11E in i-D’s new Shanghai documentary. Having just played Berghain’s Panorama Bar during Berlin’s CTM festival, she’s doing a good job of discovering it IRL.

Taiwanese producer and singer Scintii meanwhile, moved to Shanghai after studying composition in London. Genuinely excited by the duo's work, we asked nicely and Scintii and Hyph11E went back to back on a mix for us. “We tried to feature many friends/artists/labels based in Shanghai for this,” they told us, followed by a tracklist filled with the likes of mobilegirl, Swimful, Dirty K, Faded Ghost and Xao, as well as their own productions. Enjoy!