the soundtrack for wes anderson’s new film is revealed

A bop.

by Roisin Lanigan
28 February 2018, 11:42am

If there’s anything more exciting than a Wes Anderson film about dogs, it’s a Wes Anderson film about dogs with a killer soundtrack. From The Royal Tenenbaums to Moonrise Kingdom, the director’s become known for his whimsical, beautifully-scored soundtracks, and if the newly released soundtrack for Isle of Dogs is anything to go by, then his new film will be no exception.

The soundtrack features a score by Oscar winning composer Alexandre Desplat (who also worked with the director on his most recent release, The Grand Budapest Hotel), and, fittingly for a movie set in post-apocalyptic Japan, music from classic Kurosawa films like Seven Samurai and Drunken Angel and tracks from Kaoru Watanabe. The director breaks up the playlist with songs from the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, and the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra.

The seriously Japanese-inspired soundtrack also makes sense, given that the director recently revealed Isle of Dogs is heavily influenced by classic Studio Ghibli films. “With Miyazaki you get nature and moments of peace, a kind of rhythm that is not in the American animation tradition so much”, he said. “That inspired us quite a lot. There were times when I worked with Alexandre Desplat on the score and we found many places where we had to pull back rom what we were doing musically because the movie wanted to be quiet. That came from Miyazaki.”

The soundtrack won’t be officially released until 30 March, with Isle of Dogs theatrical release coming on 23 March, but you can check out the full tracklist and pre-order it here.

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