fran lebowitz’s social critique inspires todorov’s s/s15 collection, the blind collector

Melbourne label TODOROV explores the theme of blindly collecting art, culture and data for commercial gain or social cache this season.

by Courtney DeWitt
23 January 2015, 8:15am

"I was interested in this story, because this man can't see. There is no more suitable and potent symbol for our time than the image of the blind art collector." - Fran Lebowitz

TODOROV's second collection looks to New York icon Fran Lebowitz's social critique and the story of a man who purchased Picasso's La Reve for $48.4 million dollars. He intended to resell it for $139 million dollars, which would have made it the most expensive artwork in history, then he accidentally put his elbow through the canvas and ripped it when he was showing some friends, cancelling the sale. Designer Victoria Todorov was so enraptured with Lebowitz's retelling of the story in Martin Scorsese's HBO documentary Public Speaking, that it inspired a collection comprised of nude and oil paint hues, sheer layers, multi-purpose dress pockets and a full length fringed backpack that you would have to be 'blind', not to 'collect'.

Todorov 'The Blind Collector' launch
Drinks & limited collection run
5th February 6pm
Archive Melbourne

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Editor's note: This article was amended to remove an image and model credit at the request of the subject on September 20, 2018.


Text Courtney DeWitt
Photographer: Nadeemy Betros
Makeup: Georgia Walsh

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