i-DJ: d'julz

Today we venture into the deep with this sublime mix from the French house and techno legend, D’Julz.

by i-D Staff
29 April 2015, 2:51am

What are the top three tracks getting heavy rotation in your sets?
Mark Ambose - Groove X (Bass Culture)
D'julz & Phil weeks- ligne B ( rexclubmusic )
Liz Torres - Dont Let Love Pass U By (D'julz dmx) (Unreleased)

What's the most hedonistic party you've ever been to?
New York 's Sound Factory circa 1993. It was a legendary gay after hours club hosted by Junior Vasquez. In my opinion it was the last club to perpetuate the spirit of Paradise Garage.

What's the most phenomenal clubbing venue in the world and why?
It's not going to be the most original answer, but i have to say Panorama bar. It still has a very unique vibe and crowd which really makes it stand out.

If you could go back to back with any DJ, at any venue, who would it be and why?
I'm lucky to already have had the chance to play with all my favourite artists during my Bass Culture nights at the Rex Club. My b2bs with Cassy, Raresh, Daniel Bell and Carl Craig were some of the most memorable recent ones. Playing with Seth Troxler during at the last BPM festival was also a lot fun.

History is made at night... what was the best night of your life?
I have had lots of amazing nights for many different reasons. It could be every time i have a special connection with the audience when i DJ, but also all the fantastic parties I've had with friends in NYC, Ibiza or Tokyo… Or again more private kind of nights… It's impossible to name just one.

What's the most debauched thing you've ever seen on the dance floor?
I once played in a private fetish party that would have made Eyes Wide Shut look like a Disney movie.

What would your dream rider consist of?
A teleportation device.

What does your actual rider consist of?
I'm afraid my rider is extremely boring as I don't ask for cakes to throw in people's faces, inflatable boats, or pairs of fresh underwear (I already have those).

What's your favourite party anthem of all time?
Royal House, Can You Party?

Do you think music subcultures are losing their definition?
Today 'subculture' is tomorow's mainstream. Nothing new there.

What producer are you predicting big things from this year?
Lots of promising talents around: Lady Blacktronika, Brawther, Praslea, Molly.. and ten more, at least!

Where do you go when the record ends and the lights come on?
Sometimes at the hotel alone, sometimes at the hotel not alone. Sometimes at a friends house, sometimes to another club, sometimes straight to the airport (not my favourite one).

What track would you end the night on when everyone's still awake and its time to go to sleep?
Usually a classic with a deep and melodic vibe to it to bring things down gently. I have a few like that. Last weekend i closed the party with Aphrodisiac's Song Of The Siren.

What's your party trick?
Champagne and blue m&m's.

Finish the sentence, the music sounds better with...
The right DJ. 

Catch D'julz at Half Baked Day and Night summer opening in London 3rd May.
D'Julz & Phil Weeks, Second Hand Smoke is out on mid May on Rex Club Music. 

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