supergurl expresses "sincerest apologies" for black friday rape slogan

Retailer's creative director admits not reviewing the campaign's graphic design in Facebook post.

by Sasha Geyer
03 December 2015, 10:40am

Online fashion retailer SuperGurl has apologised for its Black Friday advert encouraging users to Rape Us Now (pictured above). Made in extremely poor taste, the analogy sparked a swift online backlash against the company's irresponsible appropriation of the term.

In a Facebook post, SuperGurl's creative director Jordus Lim cited it as "an honest mistake" made by a lack of reviewing the campaign's graphic design. With a particular market of teenage girls, critics have noted SuperGurl's similarly problematic 'Hit Me' baseball jacket available online. 

The controversy comes only weeks after Bloomingdales released a Christmas campaign suggesting to "spike your best friend's eggnog when they're not looking". The department store later apologised for the date rape-y catchphrase as an "error in judgement". 

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