cavempt announces the opening of its first store

Toby Feltwell and SK8thing’s cult label gets its own outpost in Tokyo’s Aoyama.

by Lynette Nylander
02 September 2016, 3:50pm

Since 2012, Cavempt or C.E. has remained the insider's streetwear label of choice. Shying away from showy brand partnerships or celebrity endorsements, the brand has built a cult-like following on the strength of their often-graphic, always standout product. Now admirers of the brand have a place to flock as it announces the opening of its first store. The small outpost is located in Tokyo where the Cavempt HQ is located. The shop in Aoyama was built in 1975 and interestingly once housed the first Comme Des Garçons and Issey Miyake shops, so the store has suitable Japanese fashion lineage. 

Cavempt co-founder Toby Feltwell tells i-D, "The store was designed by us in collaboration with our friends Tripster who have experience in interior design and construction. We didn't plan to have a store when we started out... It seems a bit heavy and permanent - sort of a restriction. We eventually realised that we should create a entry point for customers and people who are interested in the brand. It's a direct interaction - not mediated by anyone else." 

We are winging our way to Japan as we speak - see you there!


Text Lynette Nylander

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