premiere: trevino, la view

Taken from his forthcoming two-part LP Front/Back press play, on the melancholic La View.

by i-D Staff
12 May 2016, 4:45pm

Trevino AKA Marcus Intalex AKA Marcus Kaye recently dropped the news that he is teeing up a brand new two-part album, Front and Back. Inspired by golf and the way the course is split into the front and back nine holes, the first half of the record lands on 27th May via Marcus' own Birdie.

Let it be known, this album is definitely some form of ode to golf, quite the challenge Marcus set himself. The music comes as a no-nonsense selection of club tracks that could all work throughout various points of the night and i-D are please to share a track that we feel fits perfectly as an early hours cut. La View is also a track dedicated to Marcus girlfriend, as he explains "Wrote this one for the missus. She hates house and techno but likes her music quite melancholy. Hence I came up with this blue lil riff. If ya say the track title in a cockney accent it turns into a special message." 

Melodic and playful but also primed for the dancefloor, the track shows off Marcus' ability to switch up the styles within the genre whilst still keeping it punchy and to the point. Press play on the sound of La View. 

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