glastonbury wants you to use your vote on europe

Michael Eavis tells Glasto-goers to register for postal vote ahead of the cut-off on 3 June, as the festival clashes with the EU referendum.

by Matthew Whitehouse
31 May 2016, 12:08pm

There will be no Brexit-inspired winter of our discount tents if Glastonbury's Michael Eavis has his way. The dairy farmer/occasional countercultural icon, is appealing to revellers at this year's festival (which runs from 22 to 26 June) to use their vote and -- despite standing in the rain and ironically enjoying Jeff Lynne's ELO being perhaps the most British thing ever -- he's clear about which way he'd like the result to go.

"I'm deeply for 'In Europe'. In with both feet. It's not for my sake -- I've nearly finished; I've been on the go at this for 50 years -- it's for them," he said of the festival's traditionally young audience. "The result of this referendum strongly affects their future -- it's so important for them and they've got to ensure they're part of it. I do believe that the kids who come here will want to be involved. We have said it until we're blue in the face: if you come, vote."

This year's Glastonbury takes place at the same time as the upcoming referendum and, with the possibility of a polling station at the event ruled out, Eavis, who founded the Somerset-based festival back in 1970, has stressed the importance of registering to postal vote ahead of the cut-off this Friday (3 June). "The show doesn't start until Friday morning, so most people, coming after work on Thursday, have got a day," he said. "Many of the people travelling here on Thursday to catch the opening will have time to vote earlier in the day. But those coming from farther away will have to make other arrangements -- and they need make sure to get their postal vote organised."

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