i-D's guide to supersense

Here's everything we're most looking forward to at the Festival of the Ecstatic. Prepare to be spoilt.

by i-D Staff
30 July 2015, 1:45am

Golden Fur

With the Supersense festival fast approaching and the knowledge that some of the world's most talented, bizarre, interesting and iconic acts will all be performing in the one space, we share the ones we're hanging out for. The festival incorporates film, dance, music, art and more in a line up at the Melbourne Arts Centre that really has something for everyone.

In an age of regular festivals, the curator of Supersense, Sophia Brous, set out to create something unique. Her intention was to produce "a festival that explores heightened, ecstatic states of performance experience. I wanted to create a durational, evolving context where people can experience a huge amount of beautiful, extreme, dangerous and expressive work, some of which they were already familiar with, like Ariel Pink, Ash Ra Tempel, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, John Cale, Lydia Lunch, Lisa Gerrard and Laurel Halo. Also acts that will be new to people, like Kuda Lumping ritual trance from Indonesia, Matthias Scack-Arnott, the music of Jakob Ulman, mystic Bengali prodigy Pavarthy Baul and more. My intention is that the cumulative impact leads us all into a place of overwhelmed, overjoyed bliss."

Sound good? Read our highlights below and brace yourself for the ride. 

Kuda Lumping 
Straight from Indonesia, Kuda Lumping presents a ritual performance combining dance and trance music. In a performance channeling spiritual possession traditional to the Javanese, there is a contemporary feel as director Gideon Obarzanek incorporates lighting spectacularly lit in a chamber.

Ariel Pink
Known for his eclectic songwriting, LA-based Ariel Pink is here to perform his musical Tunnel of Love. Taking hook-filled songs to the next level, Pink injects his own lo-fi sound to the mix.

Manuel Göttsching 
Commonly referred to as the Godfather or techno, Manuel Göttsching was leader of the 70s German group Ash Ra Tempel. With sounds of krautrock and minimal techno, he would later pave the way that electronic musicians around the world would follow. The Concerton will be a not-to-miss blend of his works. Also, as one of the most influential guitarists in the Komische Musik scene, Göttsching will collaborate with Ariel Pink in a world first, alongside locals Shags Chamberlain and world renowned Oren Ambarchi performing one of his distinctive drum pieces. It's basically the musical equivalent of a gourmet all-you-can-eat buffet.

HTRK x Chunky Move
Electronic duo HTRK will team up with Australia's own contemporary dance company Chunky Move in a debut collection exploring the relationship between HTRK's movement-focused tunes and the distinctive choreography of director Anouk van Dijk.

Golden Fur
Based in the USA, Australian ensemble Golden Fur will present their work with composer Jakob Ullman's minimalist, acoustic music which sets the tone as the band presents an extended, highly exploratory version.

Lydia Lunch
Punk poet Lydia Lunch was a pivotal figure in the no wave scene since arriving in New York in 1976 with "a small red suitcase, a winter coat and a big f-king attitude."

Tickets are available at supersense.com


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