chris brown wants to come to australia and new zealand

Lets make sure that doesn’t happen.

by Wendy Syfret
17 September 2015, 1:25am

Chris Brown wants to bring his One Hell Of a Nite Tour to Australia and New Zealand this December; but a week out from tickets going on sale, the man who should be primarily be known as Rihanna's abuser still hasn't received his New Zealand 'special direction' visa. Australia, unfortunately, seems ready to welcome him with open arms.

The past couple of years have seen controversial artists barred from entering Australia and New Zealand because of past convictions or concerns their lyrics could incite violence at shows. Most recently, Tyler The Creator was blocked from entering Australia, NZ, and the UK after his misogynistic lyrics drew backlash from women's groups. Tyler further aggravated the situation by calling out the woman driving the campaign, starting a tsunami of online abuse that included his fans threatening to rape and kill her.

It's worth noting Australia hasn't exactly shown an even approach when preventing musicians with violent pasts from touring. We didn't blink when Mötley Crüe—whose drummer has been to prison for spousal abuse—toured. Australian didn't utter a peep over artist like Matchbox 20 and Alt-J—who both have songs that include references to sexual assault—stopping by. While there is no denying that lyrics and Tweets can be dangerous when used to incite hatred, let's not forget that Chris Brown regularly uses his fists.

Not only was he convicted of a felony assault in 2009 for beating his then girlfriend, Rihanna, he's since done little to demonstrate a real effort to change. His recent history has been littered with assaults and violence—including run-ins with Drake and Frank Ocean.

A quick Twitter search of Brown's name reveals pages of excited men and women calling for everyone to chill over his past. But we're less forgiving, and no amount of club tracks is going to change that.

While Australia hasn't raised any objections—even Collective Shout, who got Tyler banned haven't Tweeted about Brown—New Zealand is being more responsive. Following his bans in other countries, Brown now requires a 'special direction' visa, and there's a loud public response calling for this to be denied.

Immigration New Zealand's Michael Carley commented: "To date Immigration New Zealand has not received any application from the singer to travel to New Zealand." But Brown's own promoters, Castor and Ford Tours' Vili Leuga, said in a statement: "Chris Brown toured Australia in 2011 without any issue so we don't expect any issues gaining entry to New Zealand for this tour."

NZ does have a better record than Australia for blocking celebrities with shady pasts: Mike Tyson has been denied entry several times due to his rape conviction.

For now, we have a 'special direction' for Brown: get away from us.


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