sonar, creamfields and pitch drop ten walls after his homophobic facebook rant

The dance music community come together to stand up to his discriminatory comments.

by i-D Staff
09 June 2015, 12:09am

After posting an incredibly homophobic rant on his Facebook page, Lithuanian house music producer Ten Walls (Marijus Adomaitis), has been dropped from a number of festivals this summer, including Creamfields in the UK, Sonar in Barcelona and Pitch in Amsterdam. He has also been dropped by his agency Coda and London's dance music record mecca Phonica have cancelled all pre-orders of his next single.

In his remarks on Facebook, Adomaitis referred to homosexuals as "beings of another race", compared the gay community with Catholic priests accused of paedophilia and stated that they should be "fixed". Shortly after his performance at the Field Day in London at the weekend, the producer retracted the statements and issued another message in which he apologised for his remarks and claimed that they weren't "intended to offend my friends in the gay community".

Few people have bought this explanation though, and festivals, his agency, and fellow producers are rushing to distance themselves from the artist. It has been pointed out that his sentiments are especially hypocritical, considering dance music's history in the gay community. With New York producer The Juan Maclean saying that "this is the time for those reaping the benefits of a world built on the backs of gay culture to come out in support of lgbt brothers and sisters in the scene."

A host of other musicians have since come out to shout down Ten Walls, with JD Twitch of Optimo posting a picture to Twitter of him breaking a Ten Walls record, and Midland, David Haslam, Tourist, Rory Phillips, and Arca all decrying the producer's comments.


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