meet the male models of gosha rubchinskiy’s kaliningrad love story

INRUSSIA’s new documentary peels back the lives, loves, hopes, and dreams of the models who traveled across Russia to take part in the designer’s homecoming show in January.

by Felix Petty
06 March 2017, 3:19pm

The soundtrack to Gosha Rubchinskiy's fall/winter 17 homecoming show in Kaliningrad — his first in Russia since 2009 — was made up, not of some thumping post-Soviet techno beats, but the voices of the models themselves. As they narrated their own stories, Gosha wove, through the clothes, his own story of contemporary Russia. It was one indivisible from the boys', however, and it is theirs that are picked up by INRUSSIA in its new documentary, Apart.

Directed by Papaya Dog and shot by Maxim Tomash, Apart stars three young men who responded to Gosha's casting call, and traveled from across Russia to take part. The film takes the stories of Andrey, a 16-year-old from Krasnodor (via Volgograd) who spends his days walking his dog; Ivan Shemyakin, from Divnogorsk in Siberia, who explores the abandoned buildings and ruins of the town; and Kirill Krasnov, a graffiti artist from Kaliningrad itself. Apart is a poetic and beautiful testament to the lives of Gosha's post-Soviet youth, told without hyperbole or drama.

Expanding on the themes explored in Gosha's collection, the film offers a loving look behind-the-scenes at the show, and equally presents a powerfully romantic look into the lives of Russian youth right now — the reality behind the stereotypes. So lose yourself in Gosha's Russian love story again, with this doc and exclusive behind the scenes pics from longtime Gosha collaborator and fellow documenter of Russian youth, Sasha Mademuaselle.


Text Felix Petty
Photography Sasha Mademuaselle

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