the soundtrack to your weekend ft. cashmere cat, the heatwave and rex orange county

Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

by Frankie Dunn and Matthew Whitehouse
28 April 2017, 7:15pm

Cashmere Cat- "9 (After Coachella) ft. MØ and SOPHIE"

Hello Magnus, you're adorable. Hello MØ's mom, you're also adorable. This fun 'n' bouncy SOPHIEfied song was made by everyone's favorite soft feline about a girl he met after his show at Coachella last year and never saw again. His album is out today actually, with features from Kehlani, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez. Yep, pretty low key. 

Azizi Gibson- "Freak prod. Millz Douglas"

The keener-eyed "Soundtrack to Your Weekend" readers will have noticed that the name Azizi Gibson has popped up a couple of times now. The LA-based rapper chucked out the very good "Nintendo King" last month and the very, very good "High" a couple of weeks later. Now comes this, the third take from his upcoming new album Memoirs Of The Reaper, "an ode," as the accompanying press release attests, "to his ability to deliver killer rap records in his own, distinct way." Keep 'em coming, Azizi. Keep 'em coming (enough press releases though, thanks).

The Heatwave- "London City ft. Ding Dong"

Already big in Jamaica, this dancehall number is particularly impossible to sit still to. Listen out for the Ding Dong asking his fellow Jamaican Londoners, "Granny dead and you can't come bury her pussy you nuh ashamed?" You should be, is the message. 

Chico Sonido- "Atracción Fatal Feat. Mi$$i"

Here's a song that makes us want to stick on a nice bathing costume and head over to Florianópolis, if ever there was one. A collaboration between Chico Sonido and South American Trap queen Mi$$il, the whole thing's shot on an iPhone 6 and and is, by all accounts, "sensual music to overthrow obsolete and oppressive third world regimes by sharing love and deep Ayahuasca Meditation." 

LICE- "Human Parasite"

We're really, really into this artwork. It's a cowboy playing with a toy cowboy who is in turn playing with a toy cowboy. Which is the real world? Is that just a giant cowboy? Makes you think. The song's good too.

Shabazz Palaces- "Shine a Light ft. Thaddillac"

Ishmael Butler and Tendai Maraire send us gliding into the weekend here with a Dee Dee Sharp sampling piece of otherworldly jazz-rap-soul. They've got a new LP coming in the summer which apparently tells the story of "a sentient being from elsewhere," the word "sentient" immediately quashing any hopes of a Donald Trump protest album.

Rex Orange County- "Happiness"

Have a cry and sway gently to "Happiness" by Surray teen Rex Orange County (a nickname given to him by a teacher, no less) taken from his delightfully named debut LP Apricot Princess, which came out last week.

Abra Cadabra- My Hood ft. Sneakbo

Abra Cadabra shares the visual for "My Hood" with the disclaimer that "all scenes are purely fictional and do not represent occurrences past, present, or future". A handy disclaimer in the age of fake news from rap's premier magician.

Californian Light- "Childhood" 

We love this new sound from the South-London band Childhood. The first single from their second album is funky warmth juxtaposed with a grey London market scene. Dressed in Grace Wales-Bonner, singer Ben gets alllllllll the cool points from us. 

Belly Squad- "Like That"

Just look at what a good time Belly Squad is having here! Taken from the recent Banana EP, "Like That" sees the London afrobeats trio catching some rays in a setting that, despite all the palm trees, is presumably not Torquay. Fire up the BBQ! Summer is almost here.


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