carrie brownstein is directing a twisted take on a fairy tale classic

The creative polymath is putting a 'comic revisionist' spin on the Fairy Godmother story.

by Hannah Ongley
19 May 2017, 10:04pm

Image via @carrie_rachel

In her directorial debut for Kenzo last year, Carrie Brownstein took on obsessive internet comment culture by forcing Natasha Lyonne into an IRL relationship with a superfan who once commented "mom" on her Instagram. (Remember the hell that broke loose after Lorde used the same teen slang on Kim Kardashian's butt-naked Paper photo?)

Now Brownstein is putting her subversive spin on a more old-school — though no less awkward — mom-daughter relationship. The OG riot grrrl is making her feature film debut with a "comic revisionist" version of the classic Fairy Godmother story, according to Deadline. Brownstein's film is based on the first spec script by playwright Chiara Atik. Here's Atik's logline for the outré folk story:

"When sought-after Fairy Godmother Faye is hired by a mind-bogglingly gorgeous teenage client, Kenzie, to find her true love with the hottest prince in the land, Faye finds herself facing an unfamiliar challenge when the prince starts falling for her instead."

As yet there is no date or cast attached to Brownstein's film. Just saying, we wouldn't be mad if Lyonne returned to bestow the story's titular wish-granting sidekick with some biting New York sass. 


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