disinterested in the face of everything: watch the strokes' first video in five years

The mini-masterpiece has it all — crime, intrigue, their original haircuts.

by Wendy Syfret
29 June 2016, 2:50am

Image via Noisey

When The Strokes released their first EP in three years last month, we didn't think life could get any sweeter. But now they've done one better, and blessed the planet with the video for their new track Threat of Joy. Amazingly, it's the first time the band have appeared together in a music video in five years.

The video, which premiered on Noisey today, was directed by the band's long time friend and collaborator Warren Fu. The mini-meta-masterpiece shows them performing unfazed as an international crime scene unfolds around them. Classic. After all who else can look this disinterested in the face of danger and subterfuge?

Like the recent EP, Future Present Past, it's a return to the band's roots, and harkens back to their golden years as 2000s It-kids and the subjects of countless teenage fantasies. Bonus points should also be rewarded for the band member's commitment to their original haircuts.


Text Wendy Syfret
Image via Noisey

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