​watch sia’s graffitied new video for alive

A gang of lyric-loving graffiti artists run riot in the urban wilds.

by Charlotte Gush
21 October 2015, 11:20am

A gang of black-clad, face-covered graffiti artists in half black, half blonde fringed bob wigs and black/grey halved hoodies run around an urban landscape, tagging lyrics and drawing wine bottles, skeletons, animals, the Hollywood sign, a capitalist money tree and other Banksy-esque ephemera in Sia's new video for her epic new sad-happy party track, Alive.

The track, which was originally written with Adele, for Adele, is our first glimpse of Sia's hotly-anticipated next album, one she seems fully invested in after basically saying that she just bashed out the last one to get out of a record contract gone sour. This is Acting will collect songs written for or from the perspective of other artists, performed with vicarious abandon by the semi-anonymous pop star.


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