10 things you need to know about lily jean harvey

Meet the fresh faced model of the moment

by Tish Weinstock
09 February 2017, 9:30pm

She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene, that charming Lily Jean. With her thick brows, rosebud lips and long tumbling brown hair, she's a hard one to miss. Scouted minding her own business while perching on the bird cage swing outside of Kings Cross St. Pancras, she first caught our attention when Alasdair McLellan shot her for our 35th Anniversary Issue. At the time she was sweet 16 and learning how to tie a cherry knot. She also told us that she had a Mongolian birthmark not unlike the Dalai Lama and that her party trick was Origami. But time moves on, people change and now she's got her very own Topshop campaign. So what else do we know about the British beauty?

1. She's a country girl at heart…

"I grew up in London until I was about seven, now I live in the countryside where I've been lucky enough to be able to grow up largely outdoors, un-plagued by the sound of sirens."

2. A career in modelling had never crossed her mind…

"I've always been interested in fashion but never thought I'd be in front of the camera - it's still kind of surreal. Modelling to me is a really exciting way to explore different aspects of myself, I've done things I never would've even considered three years ago - the strangest thing is when you look at a photo and you're like 'that can't be me?!' Different photographers reveal different things within you - I think that's a really brilliant thing."

3. If she wasn't a model she'd still be doing something creative…

"I think I'd want to write or maybe paint."

4. Aside from modelling, she's happiest lost in her dreams.

"When I wake up and haven't dreamt I feel like I've wasted the night, I also really love interpreting and decoding my dreams."

5. But she's also happy doing things when she's awake…

"Most weekends I just hang out with my friends, we either get food and talk till dawn or go to a party and dance the night away."

6. Speaking of friends, her mate Bianca (who she texted especially for this) would probably describe her as…

"Passionate - that's good I suppose. That or stupid (but in an endearing way)."

7. While she'd describe herself as…

"Easily overwhelmed and kind of intense, I get super passionate about the strangest things: I often find a song and listen to it on repeat for weeks on end. The last one was I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore by xxxtentacion on Soundcloud - it's AMAZING, y'all should listen for sure."

8. Talking of Souncloud, she's currently working on…

"A playlist of unconventional love songs."

9. As for the future, Lily Jean only has one simple wish…

"To be happy."

10. If she could give you one piece of good advice, it would be from To Kill a Mocking Bird's Atticus Finch…

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his [or her] point of view ... until you climb inside of his [or her] skin and walk around in it." 


Photography Alasdair McLellan. Hair Chi Wong at Julian Watson Agency. Make-up Lynsey Alexander at Streeters London. Nail Technician Jenny Longworth at CLM using Chanel S2015 & Body Exellence. Photography assistance Lex Kembery, James Robjant, Matthew Healy. Model Lily Jean Harvey at Viva London. 

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