meet the lejonhjärta siblings and prepare to be stunned

Cherubic faces, waist-length long locks, great personalities and 90s throwback style, the Lejonhjärta twins and their brother have got it all…

by Lynette Nylander
09 December 2015, 2:40pm

The higher powers were in a good mood the day they made the Lejonhjärta girls. Just take a peek at the genetical blessed twins' Instagram, where their near 40,000 followers are treated to a constant stream of their cherubic faces, waist-length long locks and 90s throwback styling interspersed with mood images of their surroundings and nature, a nod to their rural upbringing. Elizabeth and Victoria, both 25, hail from a small town in Northern Sweden, where they work as "writers, poets and insta-jedis," but you can't keep striking looks like theirs under wraps for too long. The twins, along with their 20-year-old brother Malcolmx are front and centre in Swedish footwear brand Eytys' spring/summer 16 campaign for their Kibo boot. The series of ridiculously cool black and white images showcase the siblings and the boots at their best. We expect big things for the Lejonhjärta clan so we caught up with girls to find out what's behind the faces that launched a thousand likes.


Where are you guys from and what is your ethnic background?
Elizabeth: We are from a region in northern Sweden/Sápmi called Norrbotten. Our mother is Swedish, Tornedalian and Sami while our father has heritage from Gambia, Senegal and Sierra Leone. Malcolmx's father is from Saint Vincent and The Grenadines.

What was it like growing up in Sweden?
Victoria: We spent as much time running around in the woods, drinking water from cold springs and hiding in mountains as we spent in an apartment playing reggae songs way too loud, according to the neighbours! Sadly we spent a lot of time facing flagrant racism and violations. It was diversified, terrible and absolutely magical all at the same time!

What is the creative scene like in Sweden?
Victoria: There's a lot of talent and innovation, even though Sweden tends to sometimes suffer from crab mentality, which is very repressive. The younger generation tend to be better, they think about their work, and always consider anti-racist and feminist perspectives. For many, it's axiomatic to consider the problematics of representation as part of their creative work.

How did you get involved with Eytys?
Elizabeth: We met Lisa from their team at an exhibition, immediately clicked and later shared a cab. As we got into the car, Victoria noticed she was wearing Eytys and complimented her shoes. She told us she worked at Eytys and we told her we love them. The rest is history.

Tell us about the shoot...
Elizabeth: The shoot was so much fun! The whole team was amazing. Lars Brønseth, the photographer is a genius who's crazy, which was perfect as our little brother Malcolmx is also totally crazy too. It created a good dynamic and a very fun vibe. We were joking and jumping around while listening to an early 00's hip-hop playlist as well as Drake and Beyonce. Malcolm was even headbanging to Beyonce's Get Me Bodied.

Describe Swedish style...
Victoria: We recently attended an event where everyone was dressed in all-black. At first we thought we had missed the dress code in our pink and white jackets, but it turned out to just be "typically Swedish" as our friend explained. Swede's just like the colour black and style that is simple yet edgy, comfortable and not attributed to gender.

If we were in Sweden for 24 hours, what would we have to do?
Elizabeth: First of all, you should visit during summer, the light is amazing then. Then you should find awesome people to hang out with, which is not hard and just enjoy the never-ending summer day with them.

How do you both differ from one another?
Victoria: Elizabeth has a bigger birthmark on her right cheek! But honestly we don't think we look alike very much. We would never try to fool our friends, that would just get awkward. Although we do have a lot of fun with people who don't know us that well!
Elizabeth: Personality-wise people tend to expect us to be each other's opposites, but the dynamic between us is ever-changing. Victoria is a bit more detail-oriented while I tend to see things in its entirety. Also, I am one of the few people in the world under 70 who enjoys Bassett's Licorice Allsorts!


What are the pros and cons of social media?
Elizabeth: Social media is a great tool, where marginalised individuals can obtain power over their representation and reinvent the image of themselves. It's important to have platforms where we can be subjects instead of objects as is the case in traditional media. And it's fun! The increasing pressure on perfection and the constant comparison to others, on the other hand, is very harmful.

How do you use social media to connect to people around the world?
Victoria: We get inspired and meet amazing people from all over the globe, even people in our own little city that we never knew of. We actually met our twin best friends on Instagram with whom we now have engaging Skype sessions, planned trips and immense amounts of mutual love and support.

What are your plans for the future?
Victoria: We both wish to evolve into wiser, more loving and compassionate human beings and have fun. And at some point we also plan to become rulers of the galaxy!

The Kibo boot launches at, Eytys Stockholm City and selected retailers around the world from Tuesday December 15th.


Text Lynette Nylander
Photography Lars Brønseth
Styling Martina Almquist
Make-up Maja Söderlund