video premiere: ray blk, 5050

Ray BLK is coming straight outta Catford with a smooth soul sound and an all-girl crew in her new video.

by i-D Staff
17 December 2015, 12:55pm

Catford singer-songwriter Ray BLK's sound sits somewhere between SE6 Soul and 90s R&B. As well as being crazyysexycool, BLK's bars have bite; 5050, produced by Aston Rudi, details the realities of dating a drug dealer who is unwilling - and unable - to give the full 100. Shot in Catford, BLK's all-girl crew is a sight to behold. "Women are stronger together because there is power in numbers," says BLK, adding that the song is by a south London girl, for other south London girls. "It's relatable to most girls where I'm from," Ray says. This is frank and fierce and we're very big fans. Catch Ray's last EP, Miss Havershamhere and look out for a new EP landing in 2016. in the meantime, kick back and enjoy the visuals for 5050 which turns South London video tropes totally upside down....

5050 is out tomorrow


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