jamelia has the perfect response to piers morgan’s inflammatory article about beyoncé

‘Piers Morgan, you don't like Beyoncé in Lemonade because her blackness isn't white enough for you any more.’

by Charlotte Gush
28 April 2016, 11:52pm

Twitter troll and occasional TV villain Piers Morgan used his Daily Mail column earlier this week to express his concerns about Beyoncé having become a "militant activist" (his words) due to explorations of race on new album and audio-visual masterpiece, Lemonade. Despite claiming that he "bow[s] to no man nor woman when it comes to my admiration for this lady," Morgan then scratched his head over her transformation from a seemingly agenda-less entertainer into someone with a political message, after having seen the many, many killings of young black men by police in America, the shameful abandonment of the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and the racism faced by the black community every day in America.

After many, many people called Morgan out on his ridiculous and reductive assessment that Beyoncé is "play[ing] the race card" by celebrating blackness and addressing racism in her work, British singer and TV presented Jamelia has walked him through exactly what is wrong with his inflammatory words, and why it is that he just doesn't 'get' it.

"Piers Morgan, you don't like Beyoncé in Lemonade because her blackness isn't white enough for you any more," Jamelia writes in the zinging opener. "You are a middle aged, British white man. You have no idea, I repeat: NO IDEA what it is like to be a black woman...," she continues, adding, "Let me break this down for you: Beyoncé's album is not an attack on anyone; it is a celebration of the strength, endurance and potential within black womanhood," neatly linking that point to the #BlackGirlMagic movement on social media.

Quoting perhaps the most ludicrous line in Morgan's wholly silly piece -- that is, when he states that, "The New Beyoncé wants to be seen as a black woman" -- Jamelia says "this line made me laugh out loud!," explaining that, "Beyoncé has always been black, she just did what millions of black people feel the need to do to gain success: she made her black palatable to you, which is why you're such a big fan! … Along with working twice as hard to get half as much, we dilute ourselves and our culture so you accept us," concluding, "I guess some of us have had enough".

Read Jamelia's brilliant open letter in full over at Independent.


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