Photography Evan Browning

young photographers explore the diversity of beauty today: part two

What does beauty mean to our favorite young photographers? We asked 12 to explore diversity, body image, and the changing perceptions of beauty with their cameras. In Part Two, Amber Nixon, Anabel Navarro, Anastasiya Lazurenko, and Evan Browning report...

by i-D Staff
31 May 2017, 10:25am

Photography Evan Browning

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

"What does beauty mean to me? Freckles!" Evan Browning

"There's beauty when you accept your body and you move around without shame, without pretending to be skinnier or rounder. Without believing what you see on social media as a rule, just being proud of your body shape in a natural and desexualized way, accepting your nature, your tits, your bottom, and your nose, enjoying the beauty of your body's folds." Anabel Navarro

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Photography Anabel Navarro 

"Beauty isn't a description, it's a connection." Amber Nixon

Photography Amber Nixon

"I wish to encourage people with my photography to find beauty in themselves. Presently, I believe that nothing makes a girl so beautiful as regular sex and a tiny bit of drugs. Just mystic guide on beauty as it is. Just a wave of current flow." Anastasiya Lazurenko 

Photography Anastasiya Lazurenko

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