lindsay lohan and ron weasley are starring in a sitcom together

Because two redheads are better than one.

Georgie Wright

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Quiz: who are the best two redheads ever? Is it:

A) LiLo And Ron Weasley
B) Jessica Rabbit and Susan Sarandon
C) Grace Coddington and Annie
D) Julianne Moore and Geri Halliwell
E) Lilo and Ron Weasley

It's LiLo And Ron Weasley, of course.

Or rather, Rupert Grint. Y'know, the guy who plays Ron Weasley, who probs hates being known as Ron Weasley, who probs wishes websites would just stop calling him Ron Weasley in their headlines.


New British sitcom, Sick Note, may well be Rupert's chance to break out of the wizarding world while Lindsay simultaneously takes a break from her early retirement / swanning around taking selfies in the sun. It follows a young insurance rep and compulsive liar (Rupert) who is wrongly diagnosed with a fatal disease: the upshot of which is that his friends start treating him nicely. Sadly -- in relation to his work situ -- but happily otherwise obviously, it turns out to be a misdiagnosis, and well, let's just say there's living a lie and then there's living a lie.

Also starring Don Johnson -- aka Dakota's dad (or the guy from Miami Vice if you are old enough) the show is airing on Sky Atlantic this autumn. We'll have to wait for season two to see Lilo make an appearance, which thankfully has already filmed, because there are a lot of beaches out there and a lot of sun that needs selfie-ing in. 


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