picture this: photos of blondie by guitarist chris stein

Is it possible to take a bad picture of Debbie Harry? Doesn’t look like it.

by Matthew Whitehouse
28 April 2017, 11:20am

Picture this. You're in arguably the most iconic American band of the 1970s and 80s. Your lead singer is the almost unfeasibly photogenic Debbie Harry. You're going to want to have a photographer on hand, right? Now what if the photographer was actually in the band? Imagine the kind of intimacy you could capture then, at rehearsals, in hotel rooms, amidst the half-eaten riders of backstage? Chuck in the fact that you're Chris Stein, co-writer and former lover of the aforementioned lead singer, and we're talking about a whole lot of intimacy, readers. Real, unguarded and ultimately revealing intimacy of a band in their prime; cool, vital and, for a time, the best looking gang of people on the planet. The pics are on display at the Blondie pop-up store at Camden Market from the 29 April to 3 May but if you can't make it down, fear not! We've got a selection for you below.

The Blondie pop-up shop and Chris Stein photography exhibition runs 20 April - 3 May from 11am until 7pm each day at Camden Market, London. The band perform at Camden's Roundhouse in support of new album Pollinator on 3 May. 


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