the ultimate cher horowitz looks according to charli xcx

​From full tartan to feather boas, you'll be totally buggin' over these classic Cher OOTDs as Clueless celebrates its 20th birthday.

by Francesca Dunn
17 July 2015, 5:35pm

Everybody Boom Clap for Charli XCX because she's been writing killer singles for both herself and others for years now and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Not only does the 22-year-old dreamer have tracks with everyone from Danny Brown to Iggy Azalea under her belt, she's currently roadtripping across the US with Jack Antonoff's Bleachers on what we can only imagine is the most fun tour ever. Listening to Charli's music makes us want to go back to school, join her crew and strut those corridors like the catwalk we'd make them. So, do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged? Because you way need to take fashion advice from the Clueless girls. Knowing she's obsessed with the cult high school movie (like, hello?! Have you seen the video for her Iggy collab, Fancy?!) we asked Charli for her take on the chicest Cher Horowitz looks ever...

1. "Cher and Dionne in matching tartan blazers and kilts is my favorite fashion moment in the whole of Clueless!!! I'm really into dressing smart at the moment. Smart and slick. I love blazers and mini skirts. It's so chic but it's still super cute."

2. "The Calvin Klein dress. It's so iconic. She looks like a Barbie angel."

3. "Statement hats. My favorite is Cher's beret. I've been wearing loads of Kangol berets recently. I'm embracing my inner Samuel L. Jackson."

4. "Knee high socks and headbands. I love the school girl look!"

5. "Feather overload and bright red. Red is my favorite color right now. I can't get enough of it. Red lips. Red nails. Red everything."

Charli XCX
Cher Horowitz