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The i-D pop up studio in association with All Walks Beyond the Catwalk took place at Graduate Fashion Week recently to celebrate individual style and announce the winners of the second annual Diversity NOW! 2014 competition.

by Caryn Franklin
02 July 2014, 8:40pm

Photography Daniel Sims

Students from over 30 colleges and universities took part in imagining an inclusive fashion future for all bodies and beauty types and uploaded their work to Arts Thread - the premier global portfolio. With 92% of this year's entrants agreeing that more diverse fashion imagery would boost their self-esteem, Diversity NOW! is a crucial platform for the next generation of creatives to imagine a more evolved and supportive fashion experience for everyone! 

Designers explored true empathy for the body by working with non-models, stylists and photographers cast with racial and age diversity at the forefront of their minds and writers pondered the importance of personal identity and true originality in a mass marketing culture.

Diversity NOW! is a veritable feast of sassy, sorted and sumptuous ideas, images and imaginative entries with links to each student's work on this page.

Stylist Ginervra Menon from Istituto Marangoni and photographer Eliška Kyselková of London College of Fashion took first prize at a ceremony presented by founder of Style Bubble, Susie Lau while we photographed the latest looks at Graduate Fashion Week in the All Walks i-D pop up studio by live casting our favourite individuals. Fabulous Darlings!

Bip Ling, blogger

"Diversity opens up creativity for everybody. Fashion isn't just one thing." Bip Ling, blogger

Fred Butler, accessory designer

"Do whatever you want, be whoever you are. The world is diverse, but we are brainwashed by the same ideal. Clothes express individuality." Fred Butler, accessory designer

Ewa Wilczynski, artist

"Embrace difference. Be comfortable in your own skin, no matter what size, shape, or race. A world with less boundaries and definitions is a good one. It's about being inclusive as we become more and more global. Fashion is a great way to show that." Ewa Wilczynski, artist

Scarlet Cannon, gardener

"Diversity is more important today than ever before. As an old glambag, I find fashion to be very homogenous as the moment. Diversity is unbelievably important because we are all different, and we all live in this world. We all want to look good... even fabulous." Scarlett Cannon, gardener

Dougie Fields, artist

"The fashion industry is very curious. I look at models on catwalks and think, "too thin,' so often, and I really don't understand. I don't necessarily think clothes actually look better on thin. Difference is part of everyday life. It would be boring if everyone were the same." Dougie Fields, artist

Neco London, stylist

"Diversity gives you a chance to express yourself the way you want to as well as and overstep boundaries. London is more expressive. Other places are boring. In London they don't judge you, you can go around nude, and do whatever you want to do." Neco London, stylist

Flora McClean, House of Flora

"When I was growing up we shopped at markets and independent boutiques. The high street means that individually is at risk, it's a lot harder to be diverse today yet the very essence of creativity is to be different, meaning diverse, so my confidence in the individual and the industry is still strong." Flora McClean, House of Flora

Ada Zanditon, clothing designer

"Diversity means strength and abundance. When we embrace diversity, two things happen; we have a stronger world, and we also have a world with much more abundance. We need to celebrate the incredible wealth of beauty and the varieties of beauty that exist in the world, or we'll end up with a tedious and boring mono-culture, and it won't be fun for anyone." Ada Zanditon, clothing designer

Sadie Clayton, designer

"The signature of my brand is to be diverse. In my Graduate collection, I used copper and the colour popped against black skin. I used a black model in my lookbook and since then I've always wanted black girls. I want people to know that when they come to one of my shows they will see diversity on the catwalk. Also, there aren't many black designers in the industry, so I feel if we do have diversity within our campaigns and on the catwalk, they will inspire new upcoming artists to do the same." Sadie Clayton, designer

"Diversity In fashion matters. People look to the fashion industry, as it filters down, from high-end fashion to lower end retail. It's really important to set standards to show that everyone is accepted and everyone is celebrated." Sheila Atim, model

Diversity Now Results:

Overall Winners and Co-Founders choice:

Ginervra Menon from Istituto Marangoni and Eliška Kyselková of London College of Fashion

Category Winners
Illustration: Leila Coulibaly University East London 
Zines: Alice Firman Edinburgh College of Art 
Photography and StylingGinevra Menon and Eliška Kyselková Istituto Marangoni School of Fashion and London College of fashion 
Design: Arianna Luparia London College of Fashion 
Film: Marilina Tsitsa Kingston University London WATCH HERE
Journalism: Pierre M. Pele Central Saint Martins READ HERE

Highly Commended
llustration: Karla Stevens Leeds College of Art
Zines: Isabel Nascimento Nottingham Trent University 
Zines: Izara Morgan Northbrook College
Photography and Styling: Krasimira Ivanova-Stoyneva University of East London
Design: Lizzie Atkins The Arts University Bournemouth
Journalism: Max Tuson Central Saint Martins
Journalism: Chloe Walker Nottingham Trent University
Film: Mica Willgrass Northbrook College

Design: Arianna Luparia London College of Fashion

Illustration: Leila Coulibaly University East London

Zines: Alice Firman Edinburgh College of Art

Photography and Styling: Ginevra Menon and Eliška Kyselková

Photography and Styling: Ginevra Menon and Eliška Kyselková

Photography and Styling: Ginevra Menon and Eliška Kyselková

Photography and Styling: Ginevra Menon and Eliška Kyselková


Text Caryn Franklin and Elspeth Merry
Photography Daniel Sims & Sophie Parker
Casting Scout Michael Williamson
Production Sadie Clayton
Hair and make-up AOFM

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